Duration: 5 Night/ 6 Days

Day 1: Arrive in Addis Ababa

On your arrival, you will be welcomed, assisted by our staff at the airport and then given transfer to your hotel. If you arrive in the morning of this day in the afternoon you go City Tour. Overnight Sheraton Hotel.

Day 2: Fly to Axum

In the morning, you will be given transfer out to the airport for your Axum town flight. Axum was the most ancient capital city of Ethiopia. In this ancient town you will visit the mysterious monolithic obelisks, ruins of ancient underground tombs, Axum Tsion church where the Original Ark of the Covenant is kept in a separate Chaplet, the bath of Queen of Sheba, archeological sites & museum etc. Overnight Yeha Hotel.

Day 3: Fly Axum to Lalibela

In the morning, you will be given transfer to the airport for your flight to Lalibela town and then you explore the 11 wonderful rock hewn churches that are found in three groups in the one of the ancient & mysterious capital of Ethiopia, Lalibela. Overnight Tuku.

Day 4: Fly Lalibel to Gondar

In the morning, you will be given transfer to the airport for your flight to Gondar town and then in Gondar you visit the magnificent Royal Castle Compound & the beautiful churches of Debre Birhan Silassie. Overnight Land Mark Hotel.

Day 5: Excursion to the Simien Mountains National Park

In the early morning, depart for the Simien Mountains National Park, about 130km north of Gondar. This park is a UNSCO world heritage site and contains some of the most magnificent & dramatic scenery in Africa- great eons in to fantastic crags pinnacles & flat topped mountains. Here you will see the endemic Gelada or “Bleeding heart” baboons, Waliya Ibex and many other endemic birds. Overnight Land Mark hotel.

Day 6: Fly Gonder to Addis Ababa and then Departure

In the morning, you will be given transfer to the airport for your flight to Addis Ababa. Before departure, you will have a farewell dinner party in one of the traditional restaurants in Addis.


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